Tattoos On My Mind

Extraordinary Series Book 2

Quinn Kingsley is not a princess, but she does live in a castle and she does have a hero that slays her dragons when she can’t slay them on her own. Ryder Dawson is a modern day hero ditching the famous white steed and relying on his blue Ford Ranger to pull Quinn from the castle that swallows her whole. When Quinn finally allows her hero to save her, she finds a new home in his arms. She trades fancy dinners and charity events for chicken wings and a job at a dive bar. Princess Quinn’s hero gave her everything she spent so long convincing herself that she didn’t need, but now that she has it, she wouldn’t trade her hero, or her new life, for anything. Falling in love was never on her radar, but when it comes to Ryder Dawson, anything is possible. So, when the dragons come back, bigger than ever, will her hero prevail or will she be forced to fight all on her own?

“Great book!! I absolutely loved it, can’t wait to read the rest of the series!”-5 Star Reviewer


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