Two years ago, I joined an organization that was so top secret not even the FBI could locate us.


As a hacker, I teetered on the edge of right and wrong every single day, breaking the law to make the world around me a better place.


I knew how dangerous my work at Circuit was. I knew I could get caught one day and wind up behind bars for the rest of my life.


I didn't care.


And then the packages started to show up on my doorstep. One after another. Never the same gift twice. Never the same day.


I warned my team, tried to get them to prepare for a takedown. They didn't seem as concerned as I was to learn my identity as Specter had been compromised.


I prepared for everything.

And then Sage Maddison appeared with one of the packages, snow-white hair and eyes filled with fear.


I was not prepared for her.


TW: haphephobia, depression, PTSD, and recounts of a kidnapping


"There is a lot to enjoy in this thoughtful, moving series opener, which thoroughly develops its characters to create undeniable appeal."

Publishers Weekly (BookLife)

"I LOVED this book! It was so different from the usual romance book."

SJ Slyvis, author of Good Girls Never Rise

"This was a romance I wasn't expecting. A truly gripping read."

Lindsey Powell, author

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