You First

Extraordinary Series Book 3

Sometimes life gives you what you didn’t ask for… When Knox and Beckett met, they were thrust into a world that consisted only of the two of them and the immense amount of love they shared for one another. With high school finally behind them, they are able to start the life they always wanted. They focused on school, work and being loving husbands to one another. It was a simple life. An exclusive life. And that’s exactly how they wanted it. The more people they kept out, the less judgment they’d have to face. They learned quickly that some people are relentless. Some people are desperate and some people are jealous. Jealous enough to force a wedge inside their relationship and the world it was formed in. When their peaceful world turns dangerous, english papers and college exams become the least of their worries. Suddenly, they’re forced to deal with a world that’s been corrupted by a harassment claim, a restraining order, and a trip to the hospital. Knox and Beck didn’t plan for people to start knocking on the walls they created. They didn’t plan for their world to crumble and they certainly didn’t plan on turning against each other. When their marriage suffers, their world is destroyed in a matter of moments. Are they strong enough to put the pieces back together? Or will they lose everything?

“Absolutely loved this book! It points out what true love is, and that is ultimately what everyone is looking for! Fantastic book!”-5 Star Reviewer


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