Creating Chaos

High school senior Gideon Stryker has never been great at blending in. His sexual identity and close friendship with his parents has made him a target for every bully in Hillside High's student body. With less than a year to graduation, Gideon hopes to lay low and get out unscathed.

In a failed first attempt at blending in, Gideon finds himself seated next to Elliott Oakley the new kid.

Following his mother's death, Elliott packs his bags and leaves small town Iowa for a fresh start in Durham, North Carolina. Making new friends was not on his agenda but when Gideon sits beside him, a frown on his face, he can't help but make conversation.

Side by side in Chemistry class, Gideon and Elliott bond over a mutual hatred for teenage torment and a shared love of earning trophies. As the year progresses, their friendship evolves into something unexpected yet welcome. Their new relationship ensures they stick out like a sore thumb but when they're together, blending in doesn't seem so important anymore. Together, they have exactly what they need to survive their final months of high school.

Until Elliott's past makes the journey from Iowa all the way to North Carolina, threatening to destroy their bond. Gideon and Elliott are left to wonder... is love really strong enough?


“A tale about vulnerable LGBTQ teens willing to stand up and sacrifice for each other will gratify many readers."

Publisher's Weekly (BookLife)

"This book is a reflection of today's reality of gay teens and the obstacles they face with both family and friends. It is about fighting for what you truly want, overcoming tragedy, and recognizing that your "family" isn't always formed by blood."

All Encompassing Books

"Pterodactyl's were flapping their giant wings inside my belly. The second I finished this book, I wanted to read it again."

Andrea Hopkins, Author

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