ExceRpt reveal


One word. Four letters. So much promise. He barely said the word. It was just a puff of breath across my neck. But I heard it. I heard it loud and clear. I heard it like he was standing right next to me with a blow horn.


One word sent shivers of anticipation down my spine and kickstarted my heart like I just got done running around the world.


My new favorite word. A word I don’t think I was supposed to hear. Because he hasn’t said it since.


“Yeah?” I snap my head upwards, meeting his questioning eyes. He pushes away his empty plate and reaches for my hand. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” I mumble, casting my eyes down at my plate and the pizza sauce smeared all over it. He squeezes my hand and grunts. I think that means I’m supposed to stop bullshitting him. I don’t. Because what if he said it but didn’t mean it?



“What’s on your mind?” He asks the question again. Only this time, it’s in a tone that says he wants an actual answer.

So, I give him one. Not because he’s being bossy, and I think it’s hotter than hell, but because I want an answer too. “I heard you.”

He lets go of my hand and uses his thumb to push my chin upwards. “You heard me?”

“In my room. I heard what you said.”

“Yeah?” He drops his hand and grins. “Good. You were supposed to hear it.”

Shivers run down my spine again. “I was?”

He snorts. “Duh.”

“Duh?” I laugh. “I didn’t know I was supposed to hear it. You barely whispered it.”

“I was right next to your ear.”

“So, you meant it? You want me to be yours?”

“You already are mine.”

My eyebrows raise in amusement, my eyes staring into the pursed lips that tell me bossy Elliott is out to play. “I am?”

“Uh, yeah. I called you mine. You heard it.” He claps his hands together. “Done deal.”


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