Mad Love

“He looked exactly the way I liked him to… dangerous and mine.”

Benjamin Thomas, a billionaire philanthropist and a rumored mob-boss, was everything you expected him to be—dangerous, ruthless, and handsome. When he found me in the dead of the night, sick and asleep inside his locker room, I expected him to shoot me…. or at the very least, arrest me.

He did neither.

Tucked within the pocket of his arms, he carried me home. In a blink, I had a warm bed, a new doctor, and a man who refused to leave my side. The look in his eyes reminded me of a storm. I didn’t know it yet but… it was brewing just for me.

Benjamin Thomas wasn’t a man capable of loving anything but himself… until he met me.

Mad Love is a quick, fast paced MM romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. This story features a morally ambiguous Daddy and the boy he’s dangerously obsessed with. Expect to find steamy scenes, needless violence, and soul-bending love.


"This book was amazing. I devoured it and am so sad it’s over. I’m just jealous I haven’t been saved by a sęxy, rich mafia daddy…"